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"Good Christian Men Rejoice" sung by Father André Patenaude, Father Pat, for Cadfael.

Also, "Simple Gifts" in the Cadfael Playlist


And a reminder for Christmas Eve that we came out with the statistical proof in 2016 that Henry Livingston wrote "Night Before Christmas" and not Clement Moore.

The Night Before Christmas" by The Trail Band to massive numbers of antique illustrations from my collection, in the Henry Livingston playlist

My 3 Kindle books will be free for Christmas starting December 23, 2017.

*****FREE*****FOR CHRISTMAS*****
Henry Livingston, The Poet You Always Loved

Thrice Happy Poetry - 14 poems of love and women by Henry Livingston, comic book style, illustrated with 174 antique postcards

The Night Before Christmas - by Henry Livingston, NOT Clement Moore - the original 1823 version of the poem with 89 illustrations from 21 different vintage editions

A most Happy Christmas to all.
For the last 25 years we've had videos only for downloading, but it looks like the policies that let YouTube monetize videos for the copyright holders should be some protection, so we're putting our Cadfael videos and, slowly, our others up.


Mary Van Deusen FanVids

There's currently 9 Cadfael videos there.  Besides watching them on YouTube, you can download the  videos in higher quality on our website, as well as the ones that I can't yet get up on YouTube yet.


Best, Mary
05 December 2014 @ 01:03 am
Vidder: maidavids
Fandom: Cadfael
Music: "Simple Gifts" by Judy Collins, Celtic Christmas
DOWNLOAD: http://www.iment.com/maida/keepthissecret/songvids/xmassong.htm#simplegifts
MP4: 34 MB
MP2: 239 MB
LENGTH: 4 min
websites: http://www.iment.com/maida/index.htm

"Simple Gifts" is a Shaker song written and composed in 1848 by Elder Joseph Brackett. It was used by Aaron Copeland in "Appalachian Spring."

I've combined the two versions so that the lyrics can be heard before the instrumental version.

Best, Mary
22 June 2013 @ 07:44 pm
Hi, I'm a newcomer to this fandom - one or two summers ago, I read all the books and watched almost all the TV episodes (couldn't stand the adaptation of The Pilgrim of Hate, don't think I managed to finish that one), but only recently have I committed ficcage, which I've just posted on AO3. It's the first chapter of a (projected to be) longish casefic.

Title: Long Division
Genre: Casefic
Characters: Cadfael, Hugh Beringar, Olivier de Bretagne
Words: 3837 (Chapter 1)
Warnings: Violence.
Summary: A baron with divided loyalties to King Stephen and Empress Maud dies, leaving his lands to one and a treasure worth a king's ransom to the other. But the gold is lost en route to the Empress, beginning a struggle in which both sides are willing to do anything - including murder - to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. And one young squire precious to Cadfael and his friends is caught up in it all.

Link to fic

As this is my first fic, I appreciate any and all comments, including concrit! Please don't hesitate to tell me how much of a mash I've made of 12th century history :P
Hello! Moderator here. I hadn't checked my journals or communities in quite awhile now so I figured it was time for an update.

There really isn't much to update on here so I'll just ask, are there any issues with the community? Any problems? Anything I need to tweak or fix?
Is there anything new we should do with the community? I'm open to ideas.
30 December 2010 @ 01:40 pm
I haven't posted any update alerts here for a while, mostly because I had the impression that no-one is really interested in the kind of Cadfael fanfic I usually write. But for the sake of new members who might be interested, this link will take you to my Cadfael index page at the hiddenrealms community. To this page are all the chapters to "Sparrows", "Vox Angelica" and "Brothers-in-Arms" linked.

"Sparrows" is basically finished, I'm just waiting for the last couple of chapters to return from the beta. "Vox Angelica" is nearing to the end, too; unfortunately, I don't have a beta for that, so there will be mistakes. "Brothers-in-Arms" is still very much a WIP.
25 December 2010 @ 10:49 am
Andre Patenaude - Good Christian Men - mp4 - 24 MB; mp2 - 159 MB
A very Happy Christmas. Mary

Please note that our site does not allow automatic downloaders.
16 October 2010 @ 01:27 pm
I've just sent a new story, "The Contemplation of Sin," to fanfiction.net.

Cadfael catches Robert at an...unexpected...moment.

It should be up this afternoon.
Mood: happyhappy
16 October 2010 @ 12:14 pm
Chapter 04 - Emma's Menfolk has been posted to hiddenrealms and to FF.Net. Enjoy!